Photographer and Cinematographer Nathan RIgaud specializes in Lighting and Color theory, emphasizing in Fashion, Commercial, and Documentary still images. He is one of those weird creative artsy individuals that listens to all kinds of different music but mostly sings lame pop songs to make those around him laugh.

Nate will take on any photographic or cinematographic challenge with his extensive experience in film and video production across Colorado and the surround areas (being the USA and even international) . This experience in the film and media productions combined with the cool initials NR, has led Nathan Riigaud to the title of Photography Unrated to banner the material of his marketing.

What is Photography Unrated you might ask? Well keep your shirt on; but sit down and hold on because its a wild ride! It is creativity boundless, encompassing a passion to photographing that which is captivating, enduring a moment, evokes an emotion, or inspires a memory!

Nathan Rigaud's specialty and greatest love is in the photographing of individuals and people because it is his belief this is where these elements are most commonly found; in the lives of those all around us!

Some Photos I snapped while working on a project in Loveland Pass. It was decently cold but the snow just a few minutes down the mountain is already all gone! We were shooting snow boarders for a commercial spec. It’s always a great experience to get out on location!

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